Completed 2007
OPUS Northwest

Thomas Rengstorf Associates developed a landscape masterplan around five residential buildings, three mixed-use buildings, three municipally recognized heritage trees, interior vehicular circulation and a large pedestrian plaza.  Much of the development is placed upon the garage roof deck.  The design team’s strong desire to integrate the character of the heritage tree meadow with the rest of the site created many unique challenges that required creativity and team coordination.  The design incorporated a pedestrian ‘spine’ that unified the urban components of the site.  The natural landscape leaked through the site between the buildings.  The pedestrian plaza and heritage tree meadow anchored one end of the pedestrian ‘spine’ which leads to the entrance of three of the seven buildings.  A woonerf was designed for the interior vehicular and lower site pedestrian circulation to the below structure parking.  Special paving, narrow design, pedestrian scaled lighting and plantings promote pedestrian circulation through the woonerf when vehicles are not present.  Gabion retaining walls were utilized to address the stepping of the garage roof deck and garage walls.  The gabion retaining walls and carefully selected rock were utilized to express a contemporary agrarian fieldstone wall.  Many of the gabion baskets required high density foam fill to minimize weight when utilized upon the garage roof deck.   High density foam was installed, at times up to eight feet in depth, to minimize soil depths and decrease weights on the garage roof deck.